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A Home Inspection - What is that and do I really need one?

There are many compelling common-sense reasons for ordering a home inspection prior to closing:

Buying a new home is one of the most important and expensive purchases one will make in their lives.   For anything this big, first-hand knowledge about the material condition of the property prior to closing is a wise decision.   Pristine Home Inspections takes pride in providing excellent value to our Customers.  We ensure that your property receives a detailed, thorough inspection, with complete, concise reports that you can easily understand and trust.

OK, I probably need one. What is checked during the inspection?

The following is not a complete list, but to give you the idea...

1. Exterior and Grounds - Driveways, sidewalks, foundation, retaining walls, grading and drainage, House walls and wall coverings, exterior faucets and electrical receptacles, downspouts and more.

2. Roof - Inspector will get on top of your roof (if possible) and inspect tiles/shingles/composite, vents, chimney structure, gutters, flashing, skylights, look for evidence of leaks and estimate age of roof if unknown.

3. Attic - Attic access, Sheathing, insulation, roof frame, ceiling frame, proper venting, proper attic ventilation and evidence of moisture and/or mildew.

4. Plumbing - Water heater (make, age and operation), main water service line, plumbing lines, vent piping, water pressure, waste piping, drains, any evidence of leakage, any evidence of mold or mildew.

5. Electrical - Main service entrance (to house), main service panel with cover removed (if possible, inspecting all house circuits, wiring, circuit breakers or fuses), sub-panel (if installed), receptacles, GFCI trips, and smoke detectors.

6. Heating and Cooling - Type and fuel source, air handler, combustion venting (if applicable) system efficiency (single cycle), coolant line insulation, air filters, heat pump (make, age and operation), furnace, fireplace, drainage flow, more.

7. Garage - Firewall, vehicle door reversing, door to living space within code, flooring, ventilation.

8. Kitchen - Cabinets, counters, flooring, operation of appliances (refrigerator, range, microwave, dishwasher, disposal, compactor), GFCI receptacles and wiring polarity, range hood fan and light, ventilation, sink and sprayer hot/cold, lighting, more.

9. Bathrooms - Sinks hot/cold and overflow, functional flow (water pressure with two house outlets full open) counters, cabinets, receptacle wiring, polarity and GFCI trips; lighting, operation of bathtub, shower walls, toilet flush and recovery, vent fan, moisture and mold/mildew.

10. Interior - Floors, walls, ceilings, entry doors, lighting, fans, electric receptacles wiring and polarity, windows, fireplace, registers and air returns, more.

11. Basement and Crawlspace - Foundation, floor, insulation, ventilation, vapor barrier, floor joists, walls, ceiling, subflooring, drains, sump pump, dampness, mold and/or mildew.

Wow, that sounds like a lot! How long does it take to do one?

It is a lot. Pristine’s home inspections will normally take 3 to 3.5 hours. Longer is not unusual. We give you your money’s worth. We inspect by checklist to ensure nothing is missed, and there is no rush.  The #1 most important job we are doing today is your home.

How long until I get my report?

If you are present at the close of the inspection, you will receive a briefing on the findings of the inspection, review the inspector’s field notes and can have any questions answered on the spot.  The report will then be prepared at our office and will be available the next day in most cases. If a report is needed the same day, a guaranteed same-day narrative report will be published. The full report with detailed photos will follow. The report will be published online; you will be sent an email immediately after publishing with the link to the report and can view it right then. Since the report’s URL is unique and private, confidentiality is maintained. The report will also be converted to a MS Word file and sent to you via email for your permanent files.  If requested, a CD can be burned and mailed to your address. If a printed copy is required we will provide, however a small printing / mailing charge may apply due to large page count and photographic content.     

Note: It takes about 4 hours of dedicated office work to produce a report of Pristine’s quality. Remember, the report is what you are paying for.  Some companies do a quick summary, hand you their report in your front yard and are gone.  Others will give you several pages of checkboxes. Not with Pristine. Our sharp, captioned digital photography clearly shows you what the report is describing. We explain what type of system you have, it’s general condition and then explain and illustrate any detailed findings.  You need to be as informed as possible about your property of interest, and we are as proud of our reporting as we are of our inspections. It’s your money, get the most for it.

SEE THE REPORT!  Check out a Pristine Home Inspection report by clicking here.


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