Mold Analysis

Sterile Swabs

Stachybotrys in Petri Dish

Air Sampling

How are mold samples taken and analyzed?

Mold samples are generally taken by three methods: Swab, bulk and air. 

  • With swab sampling, a sterile swab (looks like a large Q-Tip) is used to directly take a sample from a moldy area. Typically only one swab is used per tested area
  • With bulk sampling, a piece of the moldy material is removed and sent directly to the lab for testing
  • With air sampling, a minimum of two samples are taken; one is taken outside the building as a reference. If one room is tested there will be two air samples, if two rooms are tested there will be three air samples, etc.
  • The samples can be viable or non-viable. Non-viable samples are analyzed right away while viable samples are grown in the lab for approximately seven days in a culture media, then analyzed

Is this a controlled procedure?

Yes. All samples are carefully documented, shipped and tracked under Chain of Custody to the labThe Chain of Custody is a legal document.

What will the analysis report tell me?

The analysis will show varying levels of information, depending on the type of test and depth involved.  The typical report will identify:

  1. The genera of mold spores found
  2. The number of spores contained within the sample
  3. A laboratory determination of whether the mold levels found are unusual or not

Pristine will produce a stand-alone report (with digital photos), attach the lab report, and explain both to you. It is important that you have all of your questions answered and that you have a complete understanding of the mold situation in your home.  

How do I get rid of the mold?

Once the situation has been analyzed and reported, we will discuss with you how this phase can be handled.  Many people elect to clean up the mold themselves, or it can be done by a mold remediation company. After remediation a Clearance Inspection should be performed.



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