Coverage Areas and Pricing

Coverage Areas

We cover a large area, roughly a 100 mile radius from the  Tampa Bay area.  We are based in Hudson in Pasco County and our range extends north to Citrus County, east to Sumpter, Lake and Polk Counties, and south to Manatee and Sarasota Counties.  The Bay area of Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas, and Hillsborough is our “core” service area.


Our pricing is very reasonable, and considering the high quality of our inspections and reporting, we offer a bargain with every job.  In addition, we salute our Senior Citizens (over 60) and Veterans with a discount 24/7.

The following are estimated figures that are flexible according to the individual job requirements, but they will give you an idea:

Home Inspection                  With Senior / Veteran Discount                  

Homes to 1000 sq ft - $275                   $250                                       Homes to 1300 sq ft - $300                   $275                                                 Homes to 1600 sq ft - $325                   $300                                                 Homes to 2000 sq ft - $350                   $325                                               Homes to 3000 sq ft - $375                   $350                                               Homes  > 3000 sq ft  - $400                  $375

Additional Services:                                                                                          Pool Inspection - $25                                                                                        Outbuildings - $25                                                                                     Mold Inspection - $50 (with HI) $100 (alone)*                                      *Lab analysis $45 per sample tested

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