Finding The Right Home Inspector

Hire the right inspector.

Not all home inspection companies are the same.  Quality of service can range from outstanding to very poor, and it’s Buyer Beware!  The cheapest price you find is usually not your best option.  A Certified home inspector should be your only consideration. Do not even consider a non-certified inspector. Only Certified Inspectors are certain to have the high level of training necessary and have passed rigorous testing and experience requirements.

The inspection report is what your hard-earned money is buying

Once you narrow the field to certified inspectors only, do some more shopping.  Ask to see a typical completed home inspection report to get a good understanding of their product. Look for quality of content, easy-to-understand layout, embedded digital photos, and overall professional appearance and impact.  The report should do a good job of educating you about the condition of the property. Reject any company that will not provide a sample report, or any that fail one or more of the criteria above.

Pristine will never send a non-certified inspector to your door. We are NACHI, IAC2 and PHII certified and a member of the International Code Council (ICC), and NSHI.  Compare service, reporting and our reasonable prices, and you will see that Pristine is the home inspection company you have been looking for.